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Energy and Display

Energy & Display

In an increasingly digitally-driven world, new markets, new economies and new dynamics are accelerating technological advances as never before.
Across applications as diverse as communications, power generation and storage, detection technologies, and LEDs for back-lit displays, architectural, automotive and solid-state lighting, there are significant growth opportunities for chemistry and electronic materials innovation.
At the forefront of this wave of innovation, we are delivering unmatched expertise in advanced chemistries and chemical delivery systems for emerging technologies.

Anhydrous Metal Halides

We offers a wide selection of ultra-high purity, ultra-dry inorganic halides for crystal growth, opto-electronics, semiconductor, and specialty niche end applications. With our extensive experience in solid-state and solvothermal inorganic synthesis, we utilize proprietary techniques to manufacture electronic grade materials in both beaded and powder forms.

Key Products

  • Recrystallized Metal Halide Powders
  • Anhydrous Metal Halide Beads
  • Distilled Specialty Metals
  • Specialty Inorganic Chemicals and Materials


  • Recrystallization technology
  • Wet & classic inorganic chemistry
  • Sublimations
  • High temperature and solid state synthesis
  • Argon glove box and dry room packaging

Custom Compositions

  • Physical blends
  • Multi-component compositions

Halide Material Product Portfolio

AlkaliAlkali EarthTransitionRare EarthMain Group

LiCL    NaCL

KCl    RbCl


BaCl2    CdCl2

MgCl2    SrCl2

CoCl2    MnCl2


CeCl3    LaCl3

FeCl2    PrCl3

YbCl3    SmCl3


BiCl3    GaCl3

ZnCl2    CdCl2



LiBr    NaBr

KBr    CsBr

CaBrl    BaBr2

MgBr2    SrBr2

CoBr2    FeBr2

CeBr3    LaBr3

GdBr3    SmBr3

NdBr3    YBr3

ZnBr2    CdBr2

InBr    TlBr


LiI    NaI

KI    CsI

BaI2    CaI2

MgI2    SrI2

CoI2    FeI2


CeI3    LaI3

EuI2    NdI3

BiI3    SbI3

GaI3    SnI2

ZnI2    CdI2

InI    TlI


High Quality Crystal Growth Materials

We are your total supply chain partner for high-purity metal halides used in the growth of scintillation detector crystals, offering a combination of key products and custom services to meet developmental and commercial requirements for scintillator crystal growth.
We specialize in high purity, anhydrous halides used in the manufacturing of scintillated crystals including:

  • Alkali
  • Alkaline earth
  • Rare earth metals
  • Dopant halides

Our complete selection of Anhydrous Metal Halides supports our customers in the production of state-of-the-art detector crystals and offers a breadth of material choices to help commercialize cutting edge scintillators.
SAFC Hitech's developmental team supporting inorganic materials for crystal growth applications can address challenges of composition, purity and physical form. Materials are developed and manufactured through our patented processes and delivered around the world through our global distribution chain.
Customization is a key aspect of our business and we are known for delivering an offer right for our customer's process.
We can:

  • Address new materials challenges through collaborative partnerships with our customers
  • Custom package to meet customer specifications, ensuring the highest quality, ease of handling and flexible solutions to fit your needs
  • Reprocess scrap materials from the production process; lowering our customer's cost of ownership while addressing their waste disposal concerns

Find out how we can support your crystal growth program, contact a representative.


Material List & Datasheets

Product NameOrdering Information & Code
Sodium Iodide (PDF)Crystalline Powder - HT-NAI100XG-CONF
Anhydrous Beads - HT-NAI200XG-CONF
Cesium Iodide (PDF)Crystalline Powder - HT-CSI100XG-CONF
Anhydrous Beads - HT-CSI200XG-CONF
Europium Iodide (PDF)Anhydrous Beads - HT-EUI320XG-CONF
Thallium Iodide (PDF)Crystalline Powder - HT-TLI100XG-CONF
Anhydrous Beads - HT-TLI200XG-CONF
Strontium Iodide (PDF)Anhydrous Powder- HT-SRI310XG-CONF
Anhydrous Beads - HT-SRI210XG-CONF
Lanthanum Chloride (PDF)Anhydrous Beads - HT-LABR210XG-CONF
Lanthanum Chloride (PDF)Anhydrous Beads - HT-LACL210XG-CONF
Cerium Bromide (PDF)Anhydrous Beads - HT-CEBR200XG-CONF
Cerium Chloride (PDF)Anhydrous Beads - HT-CECL210XG-CONF

Functional Thin Film Precursors

We are a leader in metalorganic precursors used in the manufacture of silicon and compound semiconductors. Our product line includes premier aluminium, gallium and indium alkyls. Leveraging our expertise in synthesis, handling, packaging and delivery of high hazard, air sensitive chemistries, we offer specialty precursors and dopants for Functional Thin Film Coating applications.

Key Products

  • Organometallics
  • High purity metal salts
  • Nanomaterial precursors
  • Auxiliaries


  • R&D to HVM manufacturing scales
  • Air sensitive packaging options
  • Trace Metal Characterization
  • Customization

Organic & Inorganic Specialties

Our Energy and Display segment offers critical materials and capabilities to deliver results for emerging technologies in electronics, opto-electronics and energy markets. We offer a broad range of specialty organic and inorganic chemistry supporting scale up development to commercialization serviced from global dedicated and shared facilities.

  • Broad range of chemical reactions and scales
  • Air sensitive processes, high hazard chemistry
  • Low trace metals, low moisture (anhydrous) chemicals
  • flexible packaging options
  • Custom chemical synthesis

Key Products

  • Synthesis and formulation chemistry
  • Intermediates, reagents, functional additives
  • High purity solvents


  • Route modelling
  • Custom synthesis
  • Testing
  • Specification development
  • Packaging
  • Regulatory
  • Supply chain
        - Active Material & Formulation Chemistry
        - Specialty Products
        - Synthesis Capabilities