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Prototype 100x60cm screen printed DSSC module

Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Driven by our dedicated DSSC laboratories in Germany and Japan, we collaborate closely with strategic partners and maintain a worldwide scientific network of leading researchers. We focus on the development, characterization and manufacturing of dedicated materials and material concepts to raise overall module stability and performance to the levels required in the overall photovoltaic industry. DSSC technology presents an ideal opportunity to be deployed complementary to already established photovoltaic technologies. Depending on the "Variations of the technology", the markets for DSSC technology can be roughly divided into indoor and outdoor applications.


DSSC Brands

Our Solarpur® electrolyte components for DSSC applications meet the highest purity standards regarding water and other impurities required for this technology. Understanding the need of our partners to initially have control over all components of the DSSC product, we support your design flexibility by offering state-of-the-art chemicals suitable for DSSC applications. 
The high quality of the Solarpur® chemicals is the basis for our livion® customized and standard electrolytes ensuring the high DSSC quality requirements.
Our livion® electrolytes are being developed to increase the performance and durability of DSSC applications and are offered either as pre-mixed standard or dedicated customer based electrolyte. 
All materials used for our livion® electrolytes have been selected via our Solarpur® based quality system to ensure the high DSSC quality requirements.
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Via our global positioned research network we are able to develop and provide exciting new materials, maintaining our technologic leadership regarding DSSC electrolytes.

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