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Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Our Department in Darmstadt has an excellent network to leading worldwide research centers like the Fraunhofer ISE. One key challenge within the production of high efficiency n-type based silicon solar cells is the junction formation by boron diffusion. We focus on the development and manufacturing of doping materials enabling simultaneous, simple junction formation of boron (p) and phosphorus (n) doped regions within one step. Together with our partners we optimize the process for highly efficient solar cell concepts like rear locally diffused solar cells (PERL) or interdigitated back-contact (IBC) solar cells.
Doping Materials

Boron Doping Materials

Our unique boron doping materials enable easy formation of n- and p-doped regions by selectively combining boron doping and barrier properties against phosphorus diffusion. Our boron doping paste is applied by standard industrial screen-printing. The formation of a structured junction is simplified to one printing step for boron doping and subsequent a co-diffusion in POCl3 atmosphere for phosphorus doping. As depicted in the Figure, high precision printing of fine patterns combined with co-diffusion perfectly addresses the needs for competitive production of back contact solar.



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