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Solar & Energy – Performance Materials

isishape® – Innovative Etching Pastes for the Production of Solar Cells and Touch Panels

Under the brand name isishape®, EMD Performance Materials develops tailor-made concepts for structuring solar cells and touch panels in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. This innovative technology has opened up promising new areas of application both in photovoltaics and for the display industry.

isishape SolarEtch® – SmartEtchTM – SolarResistTM – Materials for Higher Performing Solar Cells

Under these product brands, EMD Performance Materials offers concept offers dispensable etching materials which can be used for inkjet printing and are suitable for screen printing, allowing simple, efficient structuring of solar cells of today’s and tomorrow’s generations. As well as increasing cell efficiency, the simple structuring process also allows economical mass manufacture with standard equipment, while ensuring that production is environmentally friendly.

isishape HiperEtch® – Structuring Solutions for Displays

With isishape HiperEtch® products from EMD Performance Materials, antireflective coatings, passi-vation layers and transparent conductive materials for displays and related applications can be structured selectively. The concept allows low material consumption, short structuring times and easy cleaning. Its main uses are in the production of touch screens and flexible displays, as well as EL backlights and OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes).