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Pigments and Fillers
Our product range includes a broad selection of special effect pigments and functional fillers that enable you to incorporate every new trend and color scheme into your products. Benefit from our cosmetic pigments that can be used in all types of cosmetics and personal care applications to add color, luster, shimmer and shine. Our functional fillers improve the skin feel, wear properties and the application features of your finished product. E.g. RonaFlair® LDP and RonaFlair® M-Sphere add value to your products by instant wrinkle hiding and texture improvements. Our portfolio is based on different substrates, such as natural and synthetic mica, SiO2, Al2O3, Ca-Al-borosilicate and bismuth oxychloride: they provide a variety of intense colors marketed under the brand names Timiron®, Colorona®, Xirona®, Ronastar® and RonaFlair®.