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Miraval® 5450 Cosmic Bronze

Miraval® 5412 Cosmic Silver – Catch the stars with us

Extravagance for your print and plastic applications. The secret of its intense color is in the composition: very thin calcium aluminum borosilicate platelets coated with metal oxides give the pigment a unique glow. Miraval® 5412 Cosmic Silver captures the fascination of light and its powerful effects on our imagination.Our new effect pigment brings out the full beauty of orange-brown hue. The pigment’s versatility makes it ideal for use in a wide range of products.

Intensive Silver Sparkling Powder
Miraval® 5412 Cosmic Silver is part of an exciting new generation of effect pigments based on calcium aluminum borosilicate, which gives print products and plastics particular luxury. The special technology used is responsible for the pigment’s extraordinary brilliance and powerful color. With a particle size of 20–200 μm, the pigment lends high-covering, glittering silver accents to formulations.

Depending on the concentration, you can achieve many different silver-colored effects. Used as a single colorant, Miraval® 5412 Cosmic Silver demonstrates an unprecedented, highly brilliant, pure silver effect. It displays an equally extraordinary appeal in combination with other effect pigments or colorants.
This extremely color-intensive pigment is shown to its best advantage in combination with darker “background” colors. 

Special features:
  • Powerful silver shade with covering effect
  • Unique styling possibilities
  • Excellent value in use
  • High brilliance and gloss
  • High impact – even with small pigment concentrations
  • Complies with food packaging regulations
  • Intensive silver sparkling powder with a special coating technology based on different metal oxides for high value packaging, floorings, leisure & sports, toys, appliances & consumer goods, furniture, decorative paper, wallpaper, paper coatings, textiles and more!
Suitable production techniques:
  • Extrusion blow molding, extrusion (films and profiles), cast film extrusion, injection molding, high-value packaging (printing), decorative paper, wallpaper, floorings, paper coatings, textiles, … 
  • Flexo printing, gravure printing, screen printing, overprint varnishing, fulltone, paper coating
Target groups:
  • Brand Owner 
  • Designer
  • Masterbatcher  
  • Printing Shop
Pigment structure:
Intense silver sparkling powder with a special coating technology based on different metal oxides. The Miraval® pigments consist of synthetic borosilicate flakes coated with a protective silica layer and TiO2 in rutile modification.
The very smooth and regular surface of the platelets leads to improved chroma and color purity. The protective layer increases mechanical stability and gloss and leads to rounded edges.


Ordering Information

ProductPacksizeOrder No.
Miraval® 5412 Cosmic Silver150 g samples1.41471.0150
1 kg1.41471.1000
20 kg1.41471.9020

Chemical / Physical Data

Miraval® 5412 Cosmic Silver pigment
Chemical CompositionCalcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide, Tin(IV) Oxide
Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate62 – 77 %
Titanium Dioxide16-23 %
Silicon Dioxide7-13 %
Tin(IV) Oxide< 2.0 %
Particle size distribution (Measured by laser diffraction)20 – 200 µm (>80% of particles within range)
AppearanceSilver sparkling powder
pH8 - 11