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Color your World with Orange
Sunset Orange - Energizes Your Orange Color Stylings

Color your World with Orange – Iriodin® 506 Sunset Orange Energizes Your Orange Color Stylings

Who isn’t inspired by a dazzling sunset? As the sun sinks into the horizon, the sky fills with vivid shades of orange ranging from bright orangey gold to intensive orange to rosy copper. With such displays of magnificence, it’s no wonder the color orange represents power, energy, endurance, vitality, and cheerfulness: just watching a sunset lifts our spirits.
Sunset Orange - Inspiring like a dazzling sunset

Create outstanding orange products for a unique position in the market: With the Iriodin® 506 Sunset Orange effect pigment from EMD Performance Materials, they harness the energy of the sun, arouse greater attention and interest in consumers, and outshine the competition. Discover the vibrancy and intensity this pigment can bring to your print and plastic applications.

Iriodin® 506 Sunset Orange offers you the following key features:

  • Intensive orange color 
  • Strong body color 
  • Good coverage 
  • Combines well with a wide range of pigments
Sunst Orange - offers a broad palette of Orange

Add the allure of twilight to your innovative print and plastic applications
Iriodin® 506 Sunset Orange effect pigment helps you reflect the beauty and intensity of the setting sun in your print and plastic applications. Print applications such as packaging and paper coatings get a punch of color with this pigment. On wall coverings, for example, it brings the sun to homes and offices. Iriodin® 506 Sunset Orange enhances plastic applications such as personal care packaging with equal success. Outdoor and sporting goods receive a boost of freshness and vitality, and all types of household and office appliances become fun and cheerful. Last but not least, you can use Iriodin® 506 Sunset Orange as an alternative to real copper tones in a wide variety of products.

Sunset Orange - offers a multitude of styling possibilities

Expand your color horizons
Iriodin® 506 Sunset Orange gives you a broad palette of orange, and with it, a multitude of styling possibilities for your applications. The choice is yours: Combine it with warm tones for an intensive orange that is perfect for household appliances; mix it with cool tones to attain a copper tone suitable for plastic skincare packaging. The pigment has a soft rosy copper tone on white backgrounds and a bold copper color on black backgrounds. Naturally, your options are not limited to white and black: attain powerful stylings in combination with Iriodin® 305 Solar Gold and Iriodin® 4504 Lava Red, for example. The entire span of orange is open to you: expand your horizons!