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Iriodin® 6111 Icy White Pristine KU26

Whiter than white – Iriodin® 6111 Icy White Pristine KU26   
Like fresh snow beneath a brilliant blue morning sky – and even whiter: That’s the appearance of plastics and printing products with Iriodin ® 6111 Icy White Pristine KU26. The sixth effect pigment in the  Iriodin® Icy White series makes wallpaper, brochures or packages, domestic and electronic appliances, automobile interiors and furniture films glow in their purest white – the whitest white our pearlescent pigments ever achieved. Its silky satin effect underscores the value of high end products with a classy appearance.

Exclusive products stay white longer 
Our goal was to create an effect pigment for the perfect white. We finally made it. Iriodin ® 6111 Icy White Pristine KU26 is flawless, its glow whiter than white. The newcomer rounds up our  Iriodin® Icy White portfolio on the basis of synthetic mica substrate. It has the finest particle size of 1 to 15μ and provides outstanding hiding power. High end products stay white longer with Iriodin® 6111 Icy White Pristine KU26 due to its exceptional stabilization technology.

Excellent performance, extraordinary appearance  
For strikingly innovative product styling and design, Iriodin® 6111 Icy White Pristine KU26 offers designers, brand owners, ink and master batch suppliers a pearlescent effect pigment in a class of its own. Stand out from the competition by using our effect pigment on the packaging of exclusive cosmetics. Sophisticated products become decisively more luxurious by the glossy finish Iriodin® 6111 Icy White Pristine KU26 lends them with its excellent performance and extraordinary appearance.