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Iriodin® Icy White effect pigment
Iriodin® Icy White - silver white pigment for outdoor appliances

Iriodin® Icy White Effect Pigments – Vision in Pure White

Experience a world of fresh, gleaming silver-white
Imagine traveling through a frigid, pristine white world where soft, thick, powdery snow clings to trees and blankets the landscape. We venture into an ice cave whose interior looks like a lustrous icy pearl. Snow catches the light as it softly falls, glinting brilliantly. Frosty flakes sparkle on the surface like countless diamonds.

Iriodin® Icy White - pure white pigment for architecture
Products on the market need to appear innovative, crisp, clean and modern to attract consumers. The Iriodin® Icy White pigment series from EMD Performance Materials brings a visionary approach to styling. Four types of clear, silver-white pigments add a cool, fresh touch to your plastic and print applications, be they household goods and appliances, teletronic devices, sports equipment or packaging for personal care products or luxury items.
Iriodin® Icy White - white pigments for packaging

For a brilliant appearance, the synthetic mica-based Iriodin® Icy White pigment series offers you the following key features compared to natural mica-based Iriodin® pigments:

  • Neutral, bluish-white substrate for pure silver-white effects 
  • No impurities in the substrate 
  • Virtually no mass color tone influence 
  • Increased hiding power 
  • Four different stark white effects
Iriodin® Icy White - white pigments for white goods

Four silver-white effect pigments for innovative styling possibilities

  • Iriodin® 6123 Icy White Satin has a silky effect and higher hiding power. 
  • Iriodin® 6103 Icy White has the typical Iriodin® silver-white pearl effect and hiding power, but with a much whiter appearance. 
  • Iriodin® 6153 Icy White Flash has a greater transparency and reveals flashes of brilliance. 
  • Iriodin® 6163 Icy White Shimmer generates the most transparent glitter effect.
  • Iriodin® 6111 Icy White Pristine KU26 for the ultimate white that stays longer due to its innovative stabilization technology.

Create gleaming light-colored stylings for your most innovative print and plastic applications such as packaging, paper coatings or appliances – enchant your customers!