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Iriodin® 119 WAY - Effects that stay true to themselves

Effects that Stay True to Themselves

Experience performance that is WAY ahead
Some products have to bear all kinds of weather and light conditions without showing any color change or material damage. We think of anything that is white and shall be white over years … We think of garden furniture, window profiles, swimming pool covers, fences, sidings, and automotive applications. We also think of white goods, sports goods, toys, and teletronics. What else can you think of? Anything you want to stay brilliantly white over years.

Iriodin® 119 WAY has been developed especially for outdoor and long-lasting applications made of plastics. The silver-white pearl effect maintains its pure color over years. It shows best performance for light fastness, weathering resistance, and against photo catalytic graying, chemical reactivity, and yellowing in the dark. It is temperature stable until 800°C, and has FDA/food and toy approval. Wherever you need a bright silver white product with long-life quality, Iriodin® 119 WAY is you solution.


Causes of Color Change in Polymers

Light fastness is always a question of polymer, additive, and pigment, and refers to how permanent the system is used outdoor or how affected it is by light. For Iriodin® 119 WAY we require the highest value possible: >8 (Blue Wood Scale). This means no color change is observed over the whole test cycle, no matter what the angle of observation is.

Products with a long life span need to withstand all kinds of weather without showing any color change or material damage since the influence of weathering cannot be undone. We have achieved the highest weather resistance for Iriodin® 119 WAY in polymers, without reducing its temperature stability. It can withstand up to 800° C and therefore can be processed in any polymers.

Photo activity
Titanium dioxide displays a certain photo catalytic activity. When water and oxygen react with a TiO2 surface, an accelerated degradation of organic compounds, for example polymers, can be triggered. Above all, the UV part of sunlight is responsible for this reaction. Photo activity and weather ability of the pigment are linked together. Iriodin® 119 WAY’s stabilized surface treatment hinders photo activity.

When products with TiO2 containing pigments are stored in the dark over a longer period of time, they start to run yellow. This is credited to the presence of TiO2 and phenolic antioxidants. How fast this reaction occurs depends on the steric hindering of the phenolic group and the activity of the TiO2 surface. If there is no steric hindering, this process might already occur during the extrusion process. With its stabilized TiO2 surface, this reaction is either not seen or is strongly slowed down with Iriodin® 119 WAY.



The Way Ahead – Your advantages in using the unique Iriodin® 119 WAY in plastic applications at a glance:

  • Enhanced light fastness 
  • Excellent weather stability 
  • Reduced photo activity 
  • No yellowing in the dark