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Revolutionary and fascinating: Printing techniques and pigment innovations

Prints with an astonishing new look captivate the viewer – and turn packaging and large-size posters into eye-catchers. The layman wants to touch it – the expert wonders: “How are they doing this?” Experience both at our presence at Drupa 2016.

Our maritime concept „Oceans“ showcases innovative effect pigments and printing techniques on various especially designed packaging sampels: high-quality boxes and cartons, classy shrink sleeves for sophisticated drinks as well as labels, high-grade brochures and large-size posters. Plus: the appropriate protection for your premium products – so that only you and nobody else will harvest the fruits of your labour.

Each day of the fair our international booth staff consists of qualified contact persons from sales and the lab, ready to share with you the secrets of our innovations. 

New: RGB printing with Spectraval™ effect pigments for classy packaging
Our company crosses borders and has made possible what seemed impossible in the world of colors: the RGB printing technique with especially developed Spectraval™ effect pigments in red, green, blue and white.

In the additve color space red, green and blue in their most intensive form add up to white. So far light emitting systems like displays or monitors were needed to accomplish this impression. Printing on nonluminous materials happens within the less multifarious CMYK color space – where cyan, yellow, magenta and key in their most intensive form add up to black.

With our innovative RGB printing technology and the new Spectraval™ effect pigments we accomplished to develop a system for prints that literally catch the light. Their exceptional depth and brilliance are impressive – and lend packaging an extraordinarily classy appeal. At Drupa 2016 you can experience yourself our innovative RGB printing through various examples and have them explained to you by our experts.

Virtual embossing amazes the eye 
Virtual embossing (VE3D) lends prints a new depth and lets them emerge from the plane surface. One wants to touch the image to comprehend that the innovative printing technique outsmarts the eye – while the paper or carton remain absolutely flat.

Our innovative 3D effect printing technology: the perfect team play of EMD Performance Materials effect pigments and a new process that was developed by us. During the printing the „kiss print“ causes a rearranging of the effect pigments in the plane which leaves the striking impression.

At Drupa 2016 you will see for the first time packaging with this unique 3D effect: on samples of various material like paper, carton or foil.

Iriodin® Icy White Pristine KU26 – whiter than white
Our goal was to create an effect pigment for the perfect white. We have reached our destination: Iriodin® Icy White Pristine KU26 is whiter than white, its radiance whiter than snow. The pigment innovation rounds up our Iriodin® Icy White portfolio based on synthetic mica. The newcomer impresses with its flawless purity. Thanks to its special stabilizing technology Iriodin® Icy White Pristine KU26 lends class print products like packaging, labels, wall paper as well as furniture foil a clean silky white gloss.

Individual brand protection for high-class products
Put a stop to forger´s game: with our series Securalic® Reveal and Securalic® Reveal +. The IR sensitive markers are incorporated into the product or the packaging. They remain invisible and can only be detected by IR radiation from a special device. 

Barcodes, holograms or labels as certificates of authenticity can easily be removed or counterfeited – inferior imitations of highly effective medications and cheap copies of classy products remain unrecognized. Both can become life-threatening and cause severe economic loss.

Security solutions of the series Securalic® Reveal and Securalic® Reveal + that are especially composed for each customer remain part of the product or the packaging – permanently and invisible. The excellent quality of high-class products can be secured throughout the whole supply chain by these hidden safety features.

At Drupa you can not only learn about the safety systems but also can become familiar with the detectors that recognize the taggants: the Securalic Laser Pen and the Securalic Acoustic Detector 2nd. Our newest development is the handy R2 Detektor: While other instruments only notify whether brand protection is present or not, this device can be programmed for each individual safety concept and indicates clearly if the respective product has exactly your marking.
We are looking forward to showing and explaning our innovations to you at Drupa 2016, Mai 31 until June 10 in Düsseldorf. See you in hall 12, booth C 55.