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EMD Performance Materials’ Color Compendium

Styling book full of effects – the new Color Compendium from EMD Performance Materials

Use the unique reference work with more than 35,000 color effect luster combinations for yourself and when advising others!
The new effect pigment Color Compendium offers printers a reference work with more than 35,000 color and luster effects using 22 different pigments. It helps to more easily determine color tones with effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials and shows you at a glance how effect pigments could look with offset precoating or postcoating  in combination with a certain 4c color tone. Additional finishing options are demonstrated with a transparent high gloss UV lacquer.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Outstanding visualization of interesting color-effect combinations
  • Costly and time-consuming preliminary experiments will be unnecessary, because it is possible to immediately recognize whether a pigment corresponds with particular colors and therefore is suitable for the planned refining.
  • Easier communication about color effects between designers, brand article manufacturers, and printers or manufacturers in the plastics and coatings industry.
EMD Performance Materials’ Color Compendium

Effectful combinations

The Color Compendium shows effect colors in four variations: Iriodin® , Colorstream® , and Miraval®  each on top of and underneath chromatic colors (CMYK). Both variations are shown partially with and without UV lacquer.

One set of effect pigments on twelve sheets (23 x 23 cm) was printed in a single work step in sheet format 70 x 100 cm. Since the effect pigments are semi-transparent, the effects are different depending on whether the pigments were used as a precoat or postcoat.