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Gravure Printing

Gravure Printing

Effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials are especially well-suited for gravure printing. The color layer thicknesses and smooth printing images, which can be achieved using this printing technique, allow very strong effects.

For the best results, the print color and viscosity must be adjusted to the material to be printed and the printing speed. The printing form is the deciding factor for the quality of printing ink transfer and emptying of the cells. The particle size, screen count and cell geometry must also be considered equally when printing with effect pigments. By using the laser engraving technique in cylinder manufacturing, a better transfer behavior of the effect pigments onto the material to be printed is achieved.

Our recommendations for the application of effect pigments in gravure printing:

Pigment Particle SizeScreen Count Lines/cm
< 15 μm70
5–25 μm
10–60 μm70–60
10 –100 μm60–48
10 –125 μm
Cells EngravedCells Etched
Crosswise Cell (pressed)
Aqueous Print Systems
140° engraving
not lower than 6 : 1, better 10 : 1 or higher
Solvent Print Systems
120° engraving
Etching Depth:
20 μm to maximum 54 μm

Technical Details for Laser Engraved Cylinders

Pigment Particle SizeSubstrateCylinder
1-15 µmfilms, coated and uncoated paperMS SI 70-100
5-25 µmuncoated paper
coated paper and films
MS SI 60-70
MS SI 60-80
10-60 µmcoated paper and films
uncoated paper
MS SI 50-60
MS SI 50-70
20-100 µm
20-125 µm
coated paper and films
uncoated paper
MS SI 40-60
MS SI 40-60
20-200 µmcoated paper and films
uncoated paper
MS SI 50 double pass
MS SI 40 double pass