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Flexo Printing

Flexo Printing

In flexo printing, effect pigments from EMD Chemicals allow creative designs on a wide range of materials. Striking, high quality effects come into their own in the design of cosmetic and food packaging, among other uses.

Good harmonization for the best results
In flexo printing, etched rollers and photopolymer plates are used to apply the color to the material being printed, just as in offset coating with a chamber doctor blade system. Continual mixing of the ink during the printing process ensures a homogeneous distribution of the effect pigments. The proper etched rollers and a suitable polymer plate must be selected to ensure an undisturbed process and best possible results. The photopolymer plates, which have so far proven themselves, include Nyloflex® FAH and Nyloflex® FAR from FlintGroup and Cyrel® PLS and Cyrel® HOF from DuPont.

The color and its viscosity, as well as the cell geometry of the etched rollers, must be adjusted to the effect pigment used – see table.

Pigment Particle SizeTheoretical Dispensing Volume (cm3/m2)Screen Angle HexagonalLines/cmLines/inch
< 15 μm
10–60 μm13–2060°60–100150–250
10–100 μm
10–125 μm