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Securalic® pigments from EMD Performance Materials protect premium originals

Securalic® Pigments from EMD Performance Materials Protect Premium Originals

Rip-offs, counterfeits and pirate copies of successful trademark items promise high profits. The criminal energy and audacity of counterfeit operations is on the rise – and is not only a threat to the sales volume of the manufacturer. When using or consuming products they trust, consumers unknowingly risk their health, among other things. Because of this, the primary goals of protecting your premium originals from product piracy are product liability, authentication, sales checks or simple verification.

Print colors and plastics with Securalic® pigments from EMD Performance Materials offer security on many different levels: from interference effects visible to the naked eye to complex color transition effects, as well as invisible and/or forensic security features.

Individual trademark protection concepts – exclusive and discreet

Securalic® safety solutions from EMD Performance Materials for open, hidden and/or forensic identification of consumer products or industrial goods are difficult to reproduce with the "usual" counterfeiting tools and methods. They can be easily integrated into an existing product design and cost-efficiently incorporated into existing manufacturing processes in printing and plastics processing.
Thanks to the variety of combination possibilities, EMD Performance Materials can come up with an individual safety solution for every trademark protection program. Its individual components are handled with discretion and only revealed to the brand name manufacturer itself. EMD Performance Materials guarantees that these safety pigment solutions are only available to specially certified customers to prevent misuse.