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Pyrisma® effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials are setting new standards in the world of interference effects, with extraordinary color saturation and color variety. Following its successful introduction in the coatings industry, this innovative pigment generation is opening up fascinating color worlds in plastics and print products, too. It is providing designers with new styling options while also offering technical performance and surface quality like never before. With its optimized particle size distribution and eight perfectly matched interference tones, it covers the maximum color space, in accordance with the "EMD Performance Materials Color Space" concept.

"EMD Performance Materials Color Space": Eight basic tones for a color concerto
The Pyrisma® product series is based on natural mica. Its secret lies in the specially developed titanium oxide layers, which are responsible for the various interference effects. The color angles of each Pyrisma® interference pigment have been pre-determined with the help of highly developed, complex colorimetric calculations. Eight Pyrisma® interference tones span the greatest possible color space, based on the "EMD Performance Materials Color Space" concept. Mixing the members of this perfectly matched pigment family results in an almost infinitely wide color spectrum.

Intense color effects in the thinnest layers
With a minimum of pigments, Pyrisma® allows intense color effects even in the thinnest layers. Originally developed for the coatings industry, a non-weather-stable version of this novel effect pigment has now been available for a while for internal applications. For example, the Pyrisma® T30 series can be used in printing, for flexo, gravure and screen printing or for pressure and paper coating. Its uses in plastics are almost unlimited.

Pyrisma® also opens up fascinating color spaces in coatings.