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Miraval® – brilliant sparkle combined with soft rainbow effects. With its radiating luster and unusually brilliant shimmer, the pigment family from EMD Performance Materials gives plastics and print products a touch of extravagance. It combines unique purity of colors with high transparency and intensive reflective power.

Perfect surfaces for optimum reflection
The secret of Miraval ® is all inside: the core consists of synthetic calcium aluminum borosilicate, coated with metal oxides. The substrate is completely transparent, developing extremely smooth, optically perfect surfaces for optimum reflection. Changing the concentration creates fascinating effects – from individual reflection points to a completely metallic character. To give formulations a subtle glitter effect or sheen, Miraval ® pigments can be included at a concentration of much less than one percent – while retaining the same color intensity. The Miraval ® Scenic series has a particle size of 10-100μm, Miraval ® Magic of 20-200μm.

Miraval® refines print products and plastics
Miraval ® effect pigments make print products something very special. They can be used in gravure, flexo and screen printing and pressure coating, to refine brochures, packaging, wallpaper and textiles, to name just a few uses. Even in materials with even color coverage, Miraval ® still shows off its special glitter effects and significantly reduces the visibility of flowlines. The different colored pigments in the Miraval ® family can be combined in any way and offer extraordinary variety of styling potential – even at the lowest concentrations.

As well as print products and plastics, Miraval® also gives coatings particular extravagance.

Take your mission to the next level with Miraval® Cosmic Series.