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Colorstream® multicolor effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials add a new dimension to the colors of plastics and print products. They change color with the angle of observation, allowing innovative shades and new designs with that extra something.

Sophisticated color play
The secret of colors with Colorstream® is their sophistication – the members of this product family redefine the term 'effect pigments'. Depending on the angle of observation and the incidence of light, they display sophisticated color interplay with a multitude of nuances flowing into each other. They even develop attractive color shifts in subdued lighting. The best effects are achieved on curved objects with pronounced contours.

High transparency for color shifts from subtle to strong
Their high level of transparency gives the multicolor effect pigments enormous styling potential while equally allowing subtle and strong color shifts. Their carrier material is synthetically produced silicon dioxide (SiO2). Coated with highly refractive metal oxides, the wafer-thin and smooth platelets reflect the light into extraordinary changing interference colors.

Effective on dark backgrounds and in transparent plastics
Colorstream® is suitable for a large number of print applications and adds a special touch to almost any thermoplastic plastic mass, as well as casting resins and latex. In gravure, flexo and screen printing and pressure systems, the pigment family develops its wealth of color especially effectively against dark backgrounds. In plastic applications, the surprising color interplay of Colorstream® is most impressive in highly transparent polymers.

Thanks to its high transparency, the Colorstream® product series can be combined with other organic and inorganic colorings – for a wide variety of styling options with exciting color shift effects.

Colorstream® also gives coatings fascinating color shifts