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For Fascinating Plastics: Effect Pigments from EMD Performance Materials

Luster pigments refine thermoplastic elastomers
We come across plastics in almost all areas of our lives. In packaging, household items, toys or entertainment electronics – they make a product more appealing and emphasize its functionality with an attractive, product-related design. EMD Performance Materials' luster pigments of the layer-substrate pigment type refine almost all thermoplastic plastics – the classic area in which effect pigments are used in the plastics industry. Surfaces with attractive haptic and visual properties can be created using the appropriate combinations of plastic luster pigments.

Unique variety in effective styling
With its versatility and combined with various plastic types and different colorings, the product portfolio of EMD Performance Materials effect pigments offers a truly unlimited variety of effective styling. In this, the luster effect achieved not only depends on the type of pigment chosen. The properties of the thermoplastic plastics also play a key role in the effect, resulting in very different and fascinating effects in highly transparent, translucent and opaque materials.

Functional pigments protect, connect and reflect
Modern pigment technologies not only make plastics and print products more colorful and attractive. Effect pigments also have practical advantages. For example, EMD Performance Materials offers a system solution which provides effective protection for products and brands. Security pigments cannot be copied.

The use of pigments from the Iriotec® 8000 series allows plastics to be permanently welded and marked using laser radiation. This makes lettering on keyboards and bottle tops, for example, fast and precise with laser marking. The heat-reflecting pigments in the Iriotec® 9000 series are used in a wide range of plastics applications where lightness but little heat is required. Using selective transmission, they let plenty of sunlight through while reflecting a large portion of the solar thermal radiation.

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Shining colored effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials give plastics a unique appearance and make products stand out from the crowd. They offer the rapidly growing plastics sector stylings which make ranges unmistakable and differentiation from the competition easier. The shine and visual impression of effect pigments give the color a new dimension. This may be effects from silky smooth to shiny and glittery, or colored effects from silver white to colored and even changing with a deep-seated pearl luster effect, depending on the pigment type. Effects are as varied as the color itself.

Effect Pigments


Iriodin®, Colorstream®, Xirallic®, Biflair®, Pyrisma® and Miraval® – these brand names of EMD Performance Materials effect pigments are known for shining performance in a wide range of plastics applications. They allow infinite interplay between colors and effects and unlock endless design options. Effect pigments give consumer products of every kind that special something. They make them stand out from the crowd of competing items and can also emphasize the specific product benefits. From soft touch plastic bottles and drinks bottles to dashboards and other automotive components, everything shines with a shimmering look.


Their spectrum of effects offers all options for outstanding color concepts – whether the designer is looking for more muted tones, wants to use the secret of brilliance, accent features in a targeted way or evoke a mystical or suggestive power.

Innovation combined with product safety
Effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials combine innovation with product safety. They open up new dimensions in coloring and are state of the art in terms of safety and environmental compatibility. Their extraordinary effect is based on the layer-substrate principle. Transparent, platelet-shaped substrate materials are coated with extremely thin layers of metal oxide just millionths of a millimeter thick. Multiple refraction and reflection of the light creates unique luster and color effects for impressive appearances in plastics of all kinds.


Securalic® Pigments from EMD Performance Materials Protect Premium Originals

Rip-offs, counterfeits and pirate copies of successful trademark items promise high profits. The criminal energy and audacity of counterfeit operations is on the rise – and is not only a threat to the sales volume of the manufacturer. When using or consuming products they trust, consumers unknowingly risk their health, among other things. Because of this, the primary goals of protecting your premium originals from product piracy are product liability, authentication, sales checks or simple verification.

Print colors and plastics with Securalic® pigments from EMD Performance Materials offer security on many different levels: from interference effects visible to the naked eye to complex color transition effects, as well as invisible and/or forensic security features.

Know How


For more than 50 years, we have been conducting research on effect pigments, working to further develop them, and have become a globally leading supplier of innovative effect pigments. Analyzing the phenomena behind color and luster effects has continuously led to new classes of effect pigments. Our expertise gives rise to customer-oriented product ideas that we then make into a reality. This makes us a dependable partner to both the plastics industry as well as to the printing industry.
We would like to share this know-how with you.



A high quality impression can give a consumer a significant push towards buying a product. That's why premium print products and products made of paper and plastic are experiencing rising demand. Refinement techniques are also being used increasingly to distinguish features, for example in furniture decor, wallpaper and ceramic applications.

EMD Performance Materials offers a wide range of high quality effect pigments and manufacturing expertise, so that your print colors, paper, masterbatches and compounds create a premium and unique final product. The wide variety of EMD Performance Materials effect pigments are used by customers in different printing and plastics industries