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Iriodin® is the classic effect pigment. EMD Performance Materials' predominantly mica-based pearl luster effect pigments refine plastics and print products into products that appeal to their target audience more successfully with their unmistakable brand design and brilliant appearance. In doing so, they create unique luster and color effects which otherwise only occur in nature – from silver-white, red and bronze earth tones, interference to gold and metal luster. The effect varies from silky matte to strong glitter, depending on the particle size distribution.

The interplay between transparency, refraction and multiple reflection determine the enormous variety of effects. The changing effects of the Iriodin® interference pigments allow color design depending on the angle of observation.

As shiny as pearl and mother-of-pearl
They certainly live up to their name: Iriodin® pearl luster pigments consist of thin platelets of the natural material mica, coated in a wafer-thin layer of metal oxide. This creates semi-transparent pigments with a soft, deep luster, as is characteristic for pearls and mother-of-pearl.

Iriodin® puts plastics in top form
With its outstanding visual and technical properties, Iriodin® is used in the plastics industry in almost all thermoplastic plastic masses. For example, the pearl luster pigments refine the casing of many household and entertainment electronics devices and are a design element in architecture.

Radiant print products with Iriodin®
Iriodin® pearl luster pigments also open up an extraordinary variety of color effects in the printing industry. They can be worked into the print color or used in pre or overprinting – for materials as diverse as paper, cardboard boxes, films, ceramic and glass surfaces and even textiles. Iriodin® is especially suited for use in gravure, flexo and screen printing and pressure coating. In every process, the smoother the printing material's surface and thicker the layer, the better the color and luster effects.

Iriodin® pearl luster pigments can be combined in a wide variety of ways with other colorings and applications on materials of different colors. As well as plastics and print products, Iriodin® also refines coatings for both internal and external applications.

Download the brochure Iriodin® 6163 WAY. High Class Chemical and UV Stabilized Effect Pigment for Plastic Applications