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    Rotational Molding: Lamps refined with Iriodin® RMP


    Rotational Molding: Balls refined with the four Iriodin® RMP products


    Rotational Molding: Lamp refined with Iriodin® RMP

Iriodin® rotomolding preparation series (RMP) - A perfect concept all around

With the innovative preparations based on classic Iriodin®, EMD is making something possible that was previously impossible: giving rotomolded plastic parts an attractive pearl luster effect.

Four pigment preparations are being launched initially, with more expected to follow:
  • Iriodin® 119 WAY RMP (Polar White), a silver-white pearl luster pigment with excellent resistance against weathering effects and yellowing 
  • Iriodin® 6163 RMP (Icy White Shimmer), a silver-white pearl luster pigment with intensive glitter effect (based on synthetic substrate
  • Iriodin® 305 RMP (Solar Gold), a gold pigment, that adds a touch of luxury 
  • Iriodin® 504 RMP (Red), a red pearl luster pigment with fine shimmer 
With Iriodin® RMP, EMD has succeeded in processing pearl luster pigments for rotomolding applications such that reliable results are achieved. The preparations can simply be incorporated into the polymer, without affecting the production time. The particles disperse evenly and give the entire end product its characteristic and fascinating pearl luster.

Download our brochure for the Iriodin® rotomolding preparation series.
RMPItem no.PSD Pigmentparticle size
Iriodin®6163 RMP1.4143720-180 μm<800μm
Iriodin®119 WAY RMP1.414325-25 μm<400μm
Iriodin®305 RMP1.4143310-60 μm<400μm
Iriodin®504 RMP1.4143610-60 μm<400μm
Markets and Applications:
  • Lighting: Lamps, Lightballs 
  • Designer furniture: Chairs
  • Garden: Plants, Water tanks
  • Sports: Canoes
  • Marine: Buoys, Boat bodies, Floating docks
Key features:
  • Innovative preparation: Even distribution of effect pigment on the surface of the part, Homogeneous distribution of the effect pigments in final product
  • New design possibilities: The new Iriodin® preparation can be used in combination with any other coloring method
  • Food contact approval achieved 
  • Easy handling, Low dust generation


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