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„Sun, Light & Heat“ – Iriotec® 9000

Heat-reflecting pigments from EMD Performance Materials for horticulture and architecture 
Sunlight: Origin of all life on earth. Although rooms flooded with light lift one´s mood, they can also heat up uncomfortably. Plants turn towards the sun – but are sensitive to excessive heat.
Naturally, the warm seasons demonstrate the need for effective shading of buildings with large glass fronts and a correspondingly high amount of daylight.  One consequence of climate change are increasingly hot summers which often lead to oppressive heat in closed spaces or roofed outdoor areas. People and nature suffer equally from extreme temperatures.
As one of the leading providers of effect pigments, EMD Performance Materials offers functional solutions for plastics, coating and printing industries, for example with its translucent heat reflecting pigments of the Iriotec® 9000 series. The miniscule, mica-based particles reflect heat very efficiently and likewise allow sunlight to pass. Iriotec® 9000 pigments are also weather resistant and unfold their unique ability for selective transmission in translucent outdoor applications such as
  • Greenhouses
  • Conservatories
  • Transparent roofing
  • Blinds
In short, in every place where more natural brightness and less heat are desired.
Iriotec® 9000 pigments therefore contribute greatly to an efficient solar heat management: They help save energy and create a pleasant room climate for humans and plants – advantages that are of great importance, especially in horticulture and architecture.
Iriotec® 9000 pigments exhibit properties similar to sun protective glazing on all transparent substrates and applications. They can be used in
  • Mass coloring of films and sheets
  • Co-Extrusion
  • Printing and coating applications
Know-how: The best product for your application
How intense the shading effect will be depends on the concentration and the layer thickness of the pigment, but also on the substrate it is used in. Furthermore, the parameters of the enclosed room are relevant. EMD Performance Materials not only supports you with products best suited for your application, but also with know-how about effectiveness and properties of the Iriotec® 9000 pigments. Moreover, we provide you with specialists and partners for your projects.
Are you interested in specific information on our Iriotec® 9000 pigments or an application-specific consultation? Please contact us or get a first impression through our product brochure.