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Iriotec® 9230 beschleunigt Aushärtung durch IR-Absorption

Even light colored varnishes and coatings dry faster

Iriotec® 9230 accelerates hardening through infrared absorption
Iriotec® 9230 copies nature so that coatings dry and harden faster: The almost transparent hair of a polar bear´s fur scatters and reflects with its hollow core visible light, while the almost black skin absorbs the heating fractions of sun light. With its light, translucent color the infrared absorbing pigment Iriotec® 9230 offers product design crucial advantages.

Infrared drying accelerates production and saves time and money. However, dark varnishes and coatings harden faster, due to their enhanced ability to absorb light. The light pigment Iriotec® 9230 helps reduce drying times and accelerates hardening of light-colored varnishes and coatings by absorbing infrared light and yet remaining discreetly in the background.

Iriotec® 9230 from EMD Performance Materials offers a fourfold advantage:
  • It provides multiple possibilities for the color design of coatings – regardless of the color pigments ability to absorb infrared light.
  • Shorter infrared drying times improve throughput and production capacity of IR drying units.
  • Less investment due to smaller IR drying units.
  • Significant reduction of energy and maintenance costs caused by smaller IR drying units. 
Discover the advantages of Iriotec® 9230 for your infrared drying coatings.

Effective in drying – discreet in appearance

Iriotec® 9230 – the mixed oxide compound
The secret behind Iriotec® 9230 is its specific mixed oxide compound. It lends these functional particles the ability to absorb infrared light and speeds up drying time for a multitude of paints and coatings. Especially the production of goods with light-colored decorations can benefit from the light grey pigment which leaves the appearance of the coating almost unaltered.

Technical Information

Physical form:dry, free-flowing powder
Physical form:light grey
Composition:(Sn/Sb) O2 ≥ 99 wt%
Particle size:90% <10 µ m (laser diffraction measurement)
Density:6.2–6.8 g/cm3 (EN ISO 787–10)
Bulk Density:35–50 g/100 ml (EN ISO 53466)
Oil absorption:22–28 g/100 g (EN ISO 787-5)
pH value:3–6 (EN ISO 787-9, in 10% aqueous suspension)
Heat stability:stable up to 800 °C, non-flammable
Download here the technical datasheet for Iriotec® 9230. It is a rough overview of the typical characteristics of Iriotec® 9230. For a detailed product specification please contact us or get a first impression through our product brochure

Ordering information for Iriotec® 9230:

Product nameIriotec® 9230
Article no.40817
Packaging1 kg, 25 kg*

 *Sample sizes also available on request
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IR-absorption heats up the paint

Iriotec® 9230 resorbs radiation instead of reflecting it
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Faster drying – accelerated production

Iriotec® 9230 is suitable for a multitude of coating systems
Iriotec® 9230 accelerates manufacturing of many products. For the functional pigment can be applied in many coating systems which dry or harden faster under the influence of infrared light:
The achievable reduction of drying time depends of course on the coating system in which Iriotec® 9230 is used – and on the application concentration.
Drying time of a physically drying polyester acrylic system under infrared radiation
The example shows the application of Iriotec® 9230 in a physically drying polyester acrylic system in different concentrations and with different amounts of whitening titanium dioxide (TiO2). The paint was applied on steel panels using a roller blade (film thickness approximately 45 µm) and then exposed to four infrared lamps (1400 Watt) at a distance of 520 mm and with a maximum wavelength of 1500 nm. To evaluate the drying behavior the time was measured which the paint needed to reach a hardness of 22 N/mm2 at a depth of 1,5 µm. As shown in the figure, with a concentration of 4 percent Iriotec® 9230 the drying time of the paint can already be cut in half.
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