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Laser Marking Powder Coating

Iriotec® 8000 for the marking of powder-coated surfaces

Laser sensitive pigment powders for sharp edged markings 
New in the EMD Performance Materials portfolio of laser sensitive pigment powders: Iriotec® 8850 for the marking of powder coatings with sharp edged marks.

The innovative product
  • exhibits an extremely fast reaction to laser radiation, so that even thin-layer applications such as powder-coated materials can be marked
  • marks even light-colored powder coatings
  • does not affect the smooth surface of the powder coating
  • produces very dark marks
  • stays due to its neutral masstone in the background – even in light coatings
  • becomes visible only through the laser marking
Experience the benefits of Iriotec® 8850 for the marking of powder-coated surfaces.

Iriotec® 8000 – pigment powder for the marking of coated surfaces

First product for coatings and very thin layers: Iriotec® 8850
Laser sensitive pigments of the Iriotec® 8000 Series enable high-contrast and sharp-edged markings – even in hard to reach places, on curved surfaces and without any further production steps to prepare the workpiece. 
  • Due to their color neutrality they are suitable for any kind of application – from technical parts to food packing materials.
  • They meet
    ·      the limits of heavy metal content according to the European Standard for food packaging materials (Resolution AP (89) 1) as well as the German BfR recommendation
    ·      the requirements* of the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) concerning food packaging, 21 CFR § 178.3297 (Iriotec® 8850 under investigation)
    ·      the migration limits of the European guideline 2009/48/EC for safe toys in category III (former EN 71-3)**
    ·      European and American packaging waste regulations (CONEG and 94/62/EEC)
    ·      the requirements of the European REACH legislation.
* Application in plastics according to FDA standards were assessed; no statement about the pigment.

Learn more about the function of Iriotec® 8850 under Processes & Mode of action. Under Laser you will learn which parameters are crucial for intensity and quality of your marking. Competent partners for your projects can be found under Specialists

The product from the Iriotec® 8000 Series for laser sensitive pigments by EMD Performance Materials for the marking of powder-coated surfaces:

Pigment Powders

ArticleNamePackage sizes
141414Iriotec® 88501 kg, 25 kg, sample size 250 g


All important information are also summarized in our Brochure.

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Permanent marking with the power of a laser

Laser marking: flexible, permanent and solvent-free 
The need for laser marking has increased significantly in recent years, likewise the number of applications. EMD Performance Materials has been working intensively in this area since 1995 and today offers a wide range of possibilities for economical laser marking. Laser marking of powder-coated surfaces is amongst the latest achievements in this field. 

In laser marking, flexibility, durability and foregoing solvents or time-consuming pretreatments are high priorities. The labeling, coding and marking of powder-coated surfaces with laser light satisfy the highest standards of industrial production in every aspect.

Depending on the application, there is a choice between two marking methods with laser light:
  • Ablation/engraving. The coating is removed down to the underlying metal or material – in this case pigments are of no meaning.
  • Color change through laser pigments that are incorporated into the plastic:
    • The pigment powder is therefore incorporated into the powder paint.
    • Afterwards, the workpiece is coated as usual.
    • After its completion, the coated workpiece is marked with the laser.

Powdery pigments for laser marking of powder coatings transform the energy of the laser light into heat. The marking takes place through carbonization: Heat breaks up the structures of the pigment, uncovering carbon. The very dark mark is burned into the powder coating. Due to the laser pigments, the change is only superficial. The surface remains smooth, while the mark is just as robust as the powder coating itself.

Laser marking with laser pigments offer various advantages for the manufacturing process. It is
  • contact-free – It allows high coding performance without mechanical wear as well as clean and razor-sharp markings, even on soft, irregular or curved surfaces.
  • ink free – It does not require solvent-based consumables.
  • fast – Even moving parts are marked sharp-edged and just at the desired location.
  • very flexible – The inscription is programmed through a software and can be individually adjusted to the customer´s needs. Single batch sizes are feasible.
  • durable – It is done within rather than on the coating. Thus a pretreatment of the surface is not necessary. Moisture and soiling of the surface are of no significance.
  • very economic – Inline marking is fully automatic, avoids costly warehousing of semifinished products, requires only a minimum of maintenance and gets along without consumables. 
  • safe – Does not impair the protective properties of powder coating. 
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So Light becomes pin sharp Writing

The effect of lasers and their settings on the marking
Without the utmost accuracy in the choice of the right laser and the settings of its parameters, the best combination of the polymer to be marked and the laser sensitive Iriotec® 8000 pigments is useless.
So that light becomes pin sharp writing on plastic products, we have summarized the most important basic information on the choice of the right laser and its settings.