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Polymers and additives
Thermoplastics cannot be marked adequately without additives,  because they have a very poor absorption behavior. Laser light in the UV range creates a photochemical reaction; laser light In the infrared range generates a thermochemical reaction. Polymers alone absorb light with a wavelength of 1064 particularly in adequately – here laser-sensitive pigments demonstrate their unique advantages.

The ideal Partners for perfect Marking

Find the right Iriotec® 8000 product for your polymer/laser combination 
The addition of Iriotec® 8000 laser pigments promotes the marking ability of polymers significantly – even in low concentrations. Because of their similar marking behavior, we have summarized polymer groups for the following formulation recommendations. Only IR lasers are suitable for laser marking.

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Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrole (ABS)
Acrylic Glass/Plexiglas
Polycarbonate (PC)
Polyamides = Nylons (PAs, PAGF)
Polyolefins (PE and PP)
Polystyrene and SAN
Polyoxymethylene (POM)
Thermoplastic Elastomers: TPE and TPU
Terephthalat Derivates: PBT and PET