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Pigment granules

For dark Plastic Markings: Iriotec® 8000 Granules

Permanent color change in many plastics and applications
Iriotec® 8000 granules from Merck allow dark laser markings on a light background in a multitude of applications. Under the influence of laser light, the color change takes place in the granulate itself – that is, intrinsically. The surrounding polymer remains unchanged. 

The base substance of the Iriotec® 8000 pigment preparations is many miniscule units of a polymer matrix in an optimal particle size distribution. They contain a laser absorber and a color former, and remain together even after incorporation into the plastic. When laser light strikes these miniscule units, they take on a darker tone – even at a very low threshold value and with an intense color formation. 
Under the influence of laser light, the laser absorber of Iriotec® 8000 pigment granules reacts and causes the change of the color former – entirely independent of the surrounding polymer.
Iriotec 8208 is usually used in concentrations of 2-3% in thermoplastics. Main application areas are TPUs, polyolefines and POM. Processing temperature should be at least 140°C and  below 280°C.

Iriotec 8210 was especially designed for sensitive industries such as food packaging and toys. It exhibits a very fast and high-contrast marking which makes it suitable especially for the film market. Processing temperature must be below 250°C, for this reason it is preferably recommended for polyolefines.

The granule technology has two advantages in laser marking: 
  • It is independent of the base substance. 
  • It supports easy handling since the pigment granule size is adjusted to the size of the polymer granules. The contrast is always dark, no matter whether the pigment granules are used in polyoxymethylene (POM), polyethylene (PE) or thermoplastic elastomers (TPU) (see also polymers).
The granulated laser products or pigments can be easily incorporated with other colors and additives into masterbatches. They also can be added in the last production step directly to the polymer, and can be used in a variety of conventional production processes such as injection molding, injection blow molding, or extrusion.  
The Iriotec® 8000 Series granules are suitable for laser marking a wide range of applications:
  • Ear tags for animal identification: Their composition must meet the very stringent animal husbandry requirements.
  • Cables and wires: Their high-quality mark with virtually no rejects is a challenge that Iriotec ® 8000 series faces easily. 
  • Caps and closures: Widely used as information carriers, they require both a robust but fine-line, high-resolution marking.
  • Seals and straps: They offer improved security and easier tracking of goods, but must be UV stable as well as weather and solvent resistant.
Iriotec® 8000 granules demonstrate their outstanding performance with regard to marking speed, contrast and resolution in all of these and many more applications. 

Iriotec® 8000 granules prove themselves through their:
  • They are usable in many thermoplastics.
  • They have minimal effect on the properties of most commodity polymers, and can be used in a multitude of production processes. 
  • They can be employed in all industrial laser marking systems with wavelengths between 355 and 2200 nm.
  • They allow high marking speed since their laser active substances react even in weak laser light with a strong color change.
  • Due to their outstanding particle size distribution, they offer excellent marking and exceptional contrast.
  • They have just a minimal affect on the color of the polymer. This can be corrected with a color addition.
  • Their low-dust granular form is clean, easy and safe to handle during storage and production.
  • They meet 
    • the European Standard for food packaging materials regarding heavy metal content, (Resolution AP (89) 1), and German BfR recommendations.
    • the requirements of the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for food packaging (21 CFR § 178.3297) – for up to 5% Iriotec® 8208 in wine corks, no limits for Iriotec® 8431.
    • the migration limits in category III of the European Toys Directive 2009/48/EC for safe toys (formerly EN 71-3)**
    • the European and American packaging waste regulations (CONEG and 94/62/EEC)
    • the requirements of the European Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals (REACH)
* Assessed were applications in plastics according to FDA standards; this is no statement about the pigment.

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