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Iriotec® 8000: Laser-sensitive pigments
With the help of laser radiation, products of the Iriotec® 8000 Series from EMD Performance Materials enable the marking of plastic and powder coated surfaces – fast, accurate, forgery-proof and razor-sharp. Serial numbers on electronic components, barcodes on animal ear tags, best-before dates on food packaging or conductive paths on 3D MIDs: Iriotec® 8000 products fulfill the highest requirements on high-tech laser applications. 

Laser pigments of the Iriotec® 8000 Series
  • allow extremely high-speed, high-contrast and razor-sharp markings even on soft, irregular or curved surfaces
  • are abrasion-resistant for forgery-proof and durable markings
Laser-sensitive pigments from EMD Performance Materials transform the laser´s light energy. 
  • During laser marking pigment powders or pigment granules cause a visual color change in the substrate – for a permanently visible marking. 
  • During laser direct structuring pigment powder, incorporated into the plastics material or the powder coating, produces under the influence of laser light first metallic seeds through which copper builds up a strong connection with the workpiece – and turns it into a 3D MID (mechatronic integrated device).
However, laser treatment is a very individual matter. New possibilities for material treatment and material processing are being developed continuously. EMD Performance Materials therefore supports you not only with suitable products but also with comprehensive know-how: Discover the many benefits of the Iriotec® 8000 portfolio for your production here in our Laserportal.
  • Learn about the individual products and their technologies.
  • Discover interesting facts about the behavior and properties of laser-sensitive pigments.
  • Find out which products are the best for your application.
  • Locate partners for your projects.
Watch our video about the laser marking of cables with Iriotec® 8000 Series.
Iriotec® 8000 Series for the lasermarking of cables
People today can no longer imagine life without internet and online communication. Thick submarine communication cables link the world’s continents and enable bigger file transfers than the best and strongest satellites can do. Our laser sensitive Iriotec® pigments make the cables markable with laser light so that at sudden interruption every engineer is immediately able to find the right cable for overhauling it and bringing people together again.