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Iriotec® 7300 – for conductive surfaces

Attractive and safe – conductive coatings and varnishes

Iriotec® 7300 pigments for conductible primers, antistatic floorings and conductible coatings 
Light-colored or translucent coatings that protect against electrostatic discharge – functional particles of the Iriotec® 7300 Series by EMD Performance Materials are their secret. The pigments can directly be added to the formulation and then permanently discharge electrical charges. They now discreetly protect even light-colored or colored surfaces against uncontrolled discharge and due to their light body color remain in the background – compared to conductive materials based on carbon.

Friction, as it occurs for example when walking across a laminate floor, can build up electrostatic charge. It abruptly discharges within a microsecond when touching grounded parts or objects with unequal charge. This electrostatic discharge (ESD) is often accompanied by a spark or crackling. Current of up to 30,000 volts can be built up – and resemble not only a direct danger for human beings but also an indirect threat through damages in the electronic circuitry or instruments that often only become apparent later on during operation. While on the skin, the discharge is felt starting at about 2,000 volts, with electronic components, 30 volts are sufficient to cause damage, sensitive high-frequency and semiconductor products like microchips and circuit boards can be damaged or even destroyed with less than 5 volts.

Permanent protection against damaging discharge 
Conductive pigments are the solution. Iriotec® 7300 pigments by EMD Performance Materials prevent uncontrolled electrostatic discharge: They build up a conductive network in the coating or varnish and electric potential will permanently be discharged from the surface. Due to their translucent properties and their neutral appearance, the pigments allow excellent results in a wide variety of applications and designs: They make decorative and at the same time antistatic coatings of goods and surfaces possible; they enable colorful and light-colored floorings where electrostatic charge can occur; in primers for electrostatic application of plastic components they optically give way to light or colorful coatings.

Pigments of the Iriotec® 7300 series

  • lend surfaces permanent antistatic and conductive properties (surface resistance from 104 to 109 ohms)
  • develop their conductivity independent of humidity level
  • stay inconspicuous due to their light colors and translucency – and offer a great flexibility in coloring and design
  • exhibit a high thermal stability (up to 800 Grad Celsius)
  • are resistant to acids, alkalines, organic solvents and surfactants due to their high chemical stability
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Five conductive varieties for ESD protection

Antistatic diversity: the Iriotec® 7300 series 
No matter, whatever properties your conductive surface shall have – the Iriotec® 7300 portfolio offers the right conductive pigment for every application.
percolation curves depending on pigment used

Iriotec® 7310 and Iriotec® 7315: For high transparency
Due to their special translucency they are perfectly suited for transparent coatings or applications in which – besides the ESD protection – a certain color-neutrality is very important. Iriotec® 7310 and Iriotec® 7315 are the right choice for very smooth and even surfaces. They are exclusively made of platelet-shaped pigments. 

Iriotec® 7320,  Iriotec® 7325 and Iriotec® 7330: High conductivity already at low concentrations
Iriotec® 7320,  Iriotec® 7325 and Iriotec® 7330 are characterized by a low percolation threshold. Their secret is in the geometries: The well balanced combination of different particle sizes and shapes develops the desired conductivity already at lower concentrations for an efficient ESD protection. Their light body color makes them an ideal partner for light and colorful varnishes and coatings. 

Portfolio of the conductive particles for coatings:
Item no.Product namePackage sizes
1.04957Iriotec® 73101 kg, 20 kg*
1.40990Iriotec® 73151 kg, 20 kg*
1.04913Iriotec® 73201 kg, 20 kg*
1.40975Iriotec® 73251 kg, 20 kg*
1.41157Iriotec® 73301 kg, 20 kg*

*Samples for testing available on demand

Perhaps you don´t know which of our Iriotec® 7300 products is just the right choice for your special ESD application. We are more than happy if you contact us for an individual advice on technical application. 

bumper coated with Iriotec®

Light-colored plastic components for automobiles

With Iriotec® 7310, Iriotec® 7320 and Iriotec® 7330 ESTA primer give way to manifold designs 
From white to delicate hues and strong tones – the light and translucent Iriotec® 7300 pigment give maximum freedom to the choice of color and design for coated plastic components.

Especially the automobile industry increasingly makes use of plastic components. Door handles, bumpers and rearview mirrors blend seamlessly into the design of the whole car – perfectly matching in color and optics the neighboring car body parts made of metal. These plastic components are coated with electrostatic application (ESTA). For this procedure they are prepared with a special electrically conductive primer. Where dark formulations based on conductive carbon materials so far limited the freedom of design, primers with Iriotec® 7310, Iriotec® 7320 and Iriotec® 7330 remain discreetly in the background, due to the light masstone color of the pigments – and color and design can unfold their full effect.
Advantages of Iriotec 7300:
  • In electrically conductive primers they enable electrostatic application of light-colored components.
  • Light color and smooth surfaces for perfect finishes.
  • Reduced need for costly coating material due to ESTA.

For detailed information on the products and their features see Products in the menu bar above.

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Light-colored floors for production facilities, clean rooms and hospitals

Flooring with Iriotec®
Iriotec® 7325, Iriotec® 7310 and Iriotec® 7320 offer attractive and effective protection against discharge
Especially white and colorful antistatic floors benefit from the light masstone color of the conductive pigments Iriotec® 7310 and Iriotec® 7320. Particularly Iriotec® 7325 convinces through its exceptional brightness. 

The antistatic treatment of floors in production facilities for electronic components is indispensable. And also many warehouses, clean rooms, hospitals or explosion-proof production areas or laboratories need effective protective measures against discharge according to DIN EN 61340-5-1 and -5-2. Friction and detach movements, as they occur for example when walking across an insulating floor, can build up electrical current of up to 30,000 volts, which abruptly discharge, often painfully and possibly tragic for men and material, when making contact with grounded parts. 

Advantages of Iriotec® 7300 for antistatic flooring:
  • Light masstone color allows a wide variety of color designs.
  • Electric voltage is permanently discharged from surfaces.
  • Easy application by simply stirring into formulation.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Also applicable for recoating and repair formulations.

For detailed information on every product and its features see Products in the menu bar above.

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Conductive coatings for decorative surfaces

Flooring with Iriotec®
Iriotec® 7310 and Iriotec® 7315 offer effective antistatic protection for laminates
Iriotec® 7310 and Iriotec® 7315 in transparent antistatic coatings protect goods and surfaces against uncontrolled electrostatic discharge. At the same time they leave even light design details and color hues of the underlying decor almost unaltered as well as possibly important information. Especially laminates are effectively protected against electrostatic charge build-up that happens by simply walking on the surface – and still show their attractive wooden look.

Advantages of Iriotec® 7300:
  • Their light masstone color enables permanent transparent, antistatic coatings.
  • They offer great flexibility in color and design.
  • They combine decorative applications with permanent antistatic properties.

For information on the individual products and their features see Products in the menu bar above.

Are you interested in an individual advice on technical application or do you need specific information on our Iriotec® 7300 products? Please contact us.