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Patinal® Quality – Quality You Can Rely on

Quality Assurance

Development, production and sales of our Patinal® evaporation materials take place under a certified DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system and DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management system. The quality of the materials is assured by our manufacturing process, in-process controls, and quality tests. Each batch is released only after passing chemical analysis and an application test designed to confirm the suitability of the material for the evaporation process.


The application test comprises an assessment of the evaporation behavior of the material in order to provide consistent process stability between batches. Moreover, depending on the material, further characterizations can be carried out, such as measuring the transmittance of the evaporated thin film, determination of residual gas concentration or analytics of the evaporation residue.

Excellent EMD Performance Materials quality 
The brand name Patinal® stands for excellence from production to quality control: More than 30 years of production experience in evaporation materials combined with nearly two centuries of analytical expertise provide the superior quality and reliability of our products. In addition to the analysis of impurities we also carry out application tests to make sure that every batch of our materials is behaving reproducibly in your evaporation process.

RoHS compliance

The RoHS compliance information is part of our Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and sent to you with every batch of Patinal® material you purchase. This facilitates the assessment of the conformity of your products and documentation towards your customers. You can download our CoAs or RoHS information directly from this site. Only article and batch number, printed on the labels of all Patinal® materials, are required.

EMD Performance Materials delivers the quality, you can rely on.


Patinal® Specification and Certificate of Analysis

EMD Performance Materials selectively specifies and analyzes contaminants (such as Fe, Co…) with the highest detrimental impact on thin film quality. In addition to this analysis of selected elements the RoHS compliance of EMD Performance Materials Patinal® substances is verified. In order to facilitate search for materials in the Patinal® catalog and to allow for easy judgment of quality in terms of purity level the product information in the catalog includes values for each material derived from the corresponding specification. It should be noted that purity values are neither part of the specifications nor the product names and theref+ore cannot be found on package labels. You can download your CoA here.

Analytical Methods

Analytical Chart