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Materials from Merck-Photonics for High-Performance Optical Coating Solutions

Patinal® Water- and Oilrepellent Coating Materials for Displays

Smartphone or Tablet PCs with touch sensitive screens are part of our daily life. Only a screen without fingerprints allows an unlimited multimedia enjoyment.
The readability of touch panels rapidly degrades when fingerprints accumulate on the surface. Apart from the less attractive appearance this reduces the usability of the equipment. EMD Performance Materials Photonics has developed sophisticated materials that reduce the adherence of dirt and fingerprints on surfaces. Displays can be cleaned more quickly and the reduced surface friction makes them less sensitive to scratching. The smooth touch sensitive surface guarantees outstanding ease of operation. No need for protective films.
With its WR Patinal®  product range, EMD Performance Materials Photonics meets todays very high requirements of the smartphone and tablet PC touch panel market for anti-fingerprint, anti-smudge and easy-to-clean surface treatments.

Patinal® Anti-Fingerprint and Easy-to-Clean Materials for Touch Panel Top Coats

Patinal® Anti-Fingerprint and Easy-to-Clean Materials for Touch Panel Top Coats

Substance WR Patinal® products are materials to produce anti-fingerprint-, easy to clean- and (super)hydrophobic or water repellent top coats on every kind of touchpanel/ touch device/ display (Smartphone, Tablet PC). Multilayers with a very thin top coat (typically 20 nm film thickness) exhibit a much smoother feeling which makes them less sensitive against scratching. The product range offers top coats for oxide and fluoride surfaces.

  • The WR (water repellent) products in the Patinal® portfolio also include oil repellent materials. They are used on smart phones and tablet PCs to offer a particularly smooth and easy-to-clean, touch-sensitive surface. The WR Patinal® range is being further developed, especially for the high requirements of the display market. These hydro- and oleophobic coatings are also utilized for automotive applications, for example on rearview cameras, lenses and sun glasses.
  • For a convenient handling, Substances WR Patinal® for top coats are available as ready-to-use tablets excellent stability and shelf life, providing constant quality of your coatings.
WR4 Patinal® Hydrophobic surface coatings
WR6 Patinal® Easy-to-Clean surface coatings