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Optipur® Precursors for Single Crystals

Optipur® Precursors for Single Crystals

Optipur® materials are inorganic compounds of highest purity which are perfectly suited for the production of single crystals or monocrystals. The quality and specification of Optipur® materials has been adjusted to meet the unique demands of single crystal growth. Next to the production method and conditions, high quality raw materials are THE determining factor to achieve close to perfect single crystals. Monocrystals made from Optipur® precursor materials can be found in scintillators for detection of ionizing radiation, in optical components for vacuum-ultraviolett (VUV = 157 nm) and deep-ultraviolet (DUV = 190-300 nm) projection optics for lithography, and for applications in the infrared band of radiation (IR – LWIR = ca. 780 nm – 15000 nm), which can be found in night vision cameras.

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Our Optipur® Products

Article No. Substance Formula Package
101705 Barium fluoride Optipur® BaF2 50 kg
107386 Lead (II)- fluoride Optipur® PbF2 10 kg
105689 Lithium fluoride Optipur® LiF 2.5 kg
116715 Magnesium fluoride pieces Optipur® MgF2 50 kg
106502 Sodium Iodide Optipur® Nal 50 kg
104872 Potassium dihydrogen phosphate Optipur® K2HPO4 25 kg
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