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Merck livilux® OLED material inside - OLED light installation “ISIS” by Sebastian Scherer

OLED: Light Source of the Future

At the moment, OLEDs are mainly found in displays, but these organic light-emitting diodes also have a bright future ahead of them in lighting. They are the first truly flat light source. The light-emitting diodes consist either of organic semi-conductor polymers or small molecules. They provide even, glare-free light with high color rendering. In addition, OLEDs are extremely efficient and consume little energy.

OLEDs are extremely thin, making them light and even flexible in the future. They are easy to integrate into other materials like a building material. Their pleasant, warm white lighting color lights up rooms and creates a relaxed atmos-phere. The flexible character of these luminous plastics will also inspire designers to create extraordinary lighting objects.

Premium OLED materials from EMDPerformance Materials
As one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium materials for OLEDs, tailored precisely to the customer's requirements, EMD Performance Materials is fully equipped for this technology.

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