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OLED lighting panel Philips “Lumiblade FL 300” - Lexus-Design Award 2014

LEDs in Applications

Light emitting diodes are the shooting stars in lighting. LEDs are electronic devices – extremely small chips of semiconductor crystals – that emit light.
Whether in indoor or outdoor areas, in decorative or functional lighting we meet LEDs in many areas of our daily life where they offer many advantages in comparison with conventional light sources. With their white light they give safety on roads and streets.
They are suitable for individual office lighting as well as for ambient lighting at home.
The automobile industry too is relaying more and more on LEDs.
Last but not least, the tiny light emitting diodes can be found in displays of TVs and mobile phones.
And all these applications benefit from highest efficiency. In any case LEDs save a lot of energy, are free of environment damaging heavy metals and have a long life.

White LED-light
White LEDs have high importance in the lighting industry. The white light generation principle favored from the industry works according to the phosphor principle: White light is generated by a combination of a blue LED with one or more phosphors.  Another possibility to make white light is color mixing from red, green and blue (RGB). Although it is theoretically very efficient to generate white light using the RGB principle, it is hard to control color shifts caused by temperature and ageing of LEDs. 

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