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The Hub

The Hub

A centrally located meeting area was devised to accommodate larger, impromptu meetings.  Employees gather around the large meeting counter to discuss projects, receive briefings and conduct brainstorming sessions.

Lighting controls in this facility provide a flexible, scalable system that fully integrates lighting, shading, and sensors for maximum energy savings. Daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors turn off lights when space is unoccupied or day lighting achieves pre-set light levels.  In addition, the computer controlled system automatically adjusts lighting conditions based on time, security, and standard occupancy in each work space.  Shade control also plays an important role to reduce glare and heat on the brightest days.  Manual overrides in each work area allow further customization in the form of preset scenes or reliable dimming down to a 1% light level.

The Hub

Among the LEED specific features of the Hub:

  • Ceiling tiles made from recycled materials and manufactured locally 
  • Filing cabinets repurposed from previous office location 
  • The countertop is manufactured using recycled glass bottles 
  • Writable wall surface to reduce paper consumption