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Welcome to the EMD Performance Materials Customer & Technology Center.  As an organization, EMD Performance Materials strives to reduce its impact on the environment through initiatives such as recycling and energy efficiency, and provide its employees with a safe and healthy workplace.  EMD Performance Materials will ensure its efforts continually support the company’s sustainability goals. 

As you enter our reception area, you are greeted by various elements that comply with LEED guidelines.

  • The site was selected as a “Brownfield Site”: “The EPA estimates that there are more than 450,000 brownfields in the United States buildings located on brownfield sites have undergone remediation efforts to remove or stabilize hazardous materials from the sites’ soil and groundwater, reducing the exposure of humans and wildlife to health risks associated with environmental pollution.”
  • Interior design was utilized to select building materials with minimal to zero effect on air quality. Materials were also chosen due to their recycled content, use of Merck pigment, as well as their relative manufacturing locale.  Approximately 18,000 square feet of acoustic ceiling tiles were installed throughout our offices to help reduce noise and increase light reflectance.  These tiles contain 36%-43% recycled materials.  Our “sculpted wall” utilizes medium-density fiberboard and contains no added urea-formaldehyde resins, thus reducing the quantity of indoor air contaminants.  
  • The reception desk in our well-lit lobby was manufactured with components such as sorghum and Richlite surfacing (made from recycled content).