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Employee Cafe

Employee Cafe

The employee cafe is the onsite cafeteria designed with our employee’s comfort in mind.  This welcoming cafe encourages healthy eating and discourages lunch outings, thereby promoting green living practices.

EMD achieved over 90% diversion of construction waste.  Not only did EMD meet the prerequisite of recycling for our own space, but due to our efforts, the building (which had previously not offered its tenants recycling) has now adopted a building wide recycling program.

Employee Cafe

Among the LEED specific features of our Cafe are:

  • Energy-star certified appliances are installed 
  • Countertops contain recycled post consumer plastics (such as soda and water bottles) 
  • Water conserving fixtures 
  • Daylight views 
  • Recycling station 
  • Flooring tiles made of recycled material and chairs made with renewable wood components.