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E. Merck Conference Room

Conference Rooms

  • Energy-star certified LCD screens are installed in all of our meeting rooms 
  • All carpets throughout have recycled content 
  • Ceiling tiles purchased from local resources 
  • Separate trash receptacles to promote recycling efforts are situated in key areas 
  • Repurposed tables and chairs 
  • Advanced video conferencing capabilities to reduce travel
E. Merck Conference Room

Low-emitting materials were chosen in accordance with LEED guidelines. Adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, and flooring systems were specified to be low-emitting to reduce indoor air contaminants that can cause potential harm to occupants.

In our conference rooms one will find a spacious setting with plentiful natural light. Just as in other spaces, we took extra steps to ensure LEED guidelines were in the forefront of the design process.