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Customer Kitchen

Customer Kitchen

Our customer areas welcome guests with bright, day lit areas, clean lines and modern aesthetics.  We invite our guests to make themselves at home in our Customer Kitchen with a microwave, espresso maker, refrigerator and filtered water cooler.  This area seamlessly connects to the Gallery and Lobby areas to keep the open, bright feel throughout.

Customer Kitchen

In addition to customer comfort, we planned this space to conform to the following LEED guidelines:

  • Water Use Reduction: EMD upgraded fixtures and appliances in order to reduce water usage by 30%versus standard equipment. 
  • Storage & Collection of Recyclables: The Recycling Station encourages both employees and guests to dispose of their waste appropriately.  Not only did EMD meet this prerequisite of recycling for our own space, but due to our efforts the entire International Plaza complex has now adopted a building-wide recycling program. 
  • Cabinet substrate has no added urea formaldehyde while the countertop contains recycled glass. 
  • The tile floor contains a substantial amount of recycled content.