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Commuter Stations

Commuter Stations

EMD Performance Materials provides a defined work area specifically for telecommuters and visitors to our office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Three individual stations offer desktop monitors with laptop and printer connectivity as well as telephones for guest convenience. This eliminates the need for redundant equipment for employees who frequently telecommute and are rarely in the office.

Commuter Stations
  • To support ergonomic practices in the workplace, we have invested in chairs that are highly ergonomic as a measure to ensure employee comfort and safety. 
  • Our facility is within walking distance of the Philadelphia International Airport. Because of this, we are able to directly impact the reduction of emissions from commuting time for the numerous employees who travel frequently as well as visiting vendors and customers. 
  • All furniture and seating procured were Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified, reducing the quantity of indoor air contaminants. GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified products meet stringent certification requirements and manufacturers must undergo both annual recertification and quarterly quality monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance.