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colloidal silica products designed for exceptionally consistent properties


Klebosol is a leading brand of multipurpose colloidal silica, with applications in a diverse array of industries ranging from beverage to electronics.
For special applications of Klebosol or if you require a custom formulation, the Klebosol Research Department is happy to work with you to solve your problem.
ProductApplicationsSiO2 (%)PS (nm)SSA (m2/g)pH (20°C)
1498 V-9Beverage, Cosmetics2092807
20 H 12Refractory20122002.5
20 H 12 EBeverage20122002.5
30 CAL 25Inkjet Paper, Refractory, Textile30251204
30 CAL 50Inkjet Paper, Textile3050504
30 HB 25 KPolishing, Metal, Paint & Paper30251202.5
30 HB 50 KInkjet Paper, Polishing3050502.5
30 L 12Beverage, Refractory301220010.5
30 N 12Catalysis, Metal, Paint & Paper301220010
30 R 9Catalysis, Concrete & Mortar, Investment Casting, Refractory, Metal, Paint & Paper30928010.5
30 R 9 BTBatteries30928010.5
30 R 12 CCatalysis, Concrete & Mortar, Inkjet Paper, Investment Casting, Refractory, Metal, Paint & Paper, Textile301220010
30 R 25Catalysis, Polishing, Refractory, Metal, Paint & Paper, Textile30251209
30 R 50Catalysis, Leather, Polishing, Metal, Paint & Paper, Textile3050509
30 V 9Beverage, Leather30928010.5
30 V 12Beverage301220010
30 V 25Beverage30251209
30 V 50Beverage3050509
40 EA 50Polishing40505011
40 R 12Concrete & Mortar, Refractory401220010
40 R 25Refractory40251209
50 R 50Inkjet Paper, Pigment, Plastic, Polishing, Metal, Paint & Paper5050509

Properties legend: SiO2 = Silicon Dioxide; PS = Particle Size; SSA = Specific Surface Area; pH = Potential of Hydrogen (alkalinity)

Trade names legend: CAL = cationic; EA = special grade for polishing; H = acidic; HB = acidic protected against bacteria; N = ammoniac stabilized; R = basic protected against bacteria; V/L = compatible with food application