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colloidal silica products designed for exceptionally consistent properties

About Klebosol

The Klebosol range of colloidal silica products are stable suspensions of independent (non-agglomerated), non-porous and spherical particles of silica (SiO2). 

When compared to other silica products, Klebosol offers numerous superior characteristics including:
MonodispersityEach grade of Klebosol exhibits exceptional uniformity in particle size and shape, which is vital in many applications.
ReactivityFiner grades of Klebosol have a very high specific surface area, which offers great reactivity.
StabilitySilica particles in Klebosol will retain their equidistant suspension in colloidal form even over extended periods of time.
Neutral pH OptionOur patented, neutral pH formulation of Klebosol can be used in sensitive applications that require a neutral pH value.
Environmentally FriendlyKlebosol is non-toxic and uses an inert base.
Superior ConsistencyKlebosol benefits from our savoir faire, which brings repeatability to the process. Many of our clients use Klebosol for demanding applications in the electronics industry.
Easy HandlingKlebosol is delivered ready-to-use as a low viscosity liquid. It is easily transferable and entirely dustless.

Colloidal silical manufacturing & certificates

Klebosol is manufactured to exacting standards for use in the most demanding applications. Additionally, we are dedicated to maintaining safe, environmentally friendly manufacturing facilities. Two manufacturing facilities and our focus on ESHA Klebosol is manufactured at two locations: Lamotte, France and Martin, South Carolina, USA. Both locations are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001 certified.

Customer service and logistics

Product samples
We deliver samples for every need. Let us know how we can help: Sample request

Working with customers
If you have a manufacturing challenge and/or require a custom formulation, the Klebosol Research Department is happy to work with you to solve your problem. 
We put here the containers type, photos and specs.

Colloidcal silica properties

Klebosol’s unique properties provide benefits to a wide range of applications. Our superior and exacting manufacturing processes yield a colloidal silica product with exceptionally consistent properties. This consistency can make a difference in many applications ranging from beverages to computer chip manufacturing.

Particle Size, Silica Content & Stabiliser Type
Different formulations of Klebosol can be achieved by varying particle size, silica content and stabiliser type (anionic or cationic). Read More 

Specific Gravity & pH
Klebosol’s exceptional uniformity and predictable specific gravity are achieved through stabilisation in an alkaline state. 
However, Klebosol can also be prepared for stable use in a neutral or acidic state. Read More  

Basic Facts about Klebosol
Electrolytes, surfactants and solvents, and temperature can affect the stability of Klebosol. Read More 

Storage, Safety & Packaging
Learn more about the storage recommendations, safety information and the specific volumes in which we offer Klebosol. Read More