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colloidal silica products designed for exceptionally consistent properties

Colloidal silica textile

Klebosol can be used as a component of textile formulations and offers: 
  • Anti-fraying properties including improved seam resistance (to avoid yarn slippage) and improved rough texturing of fibres
  • Improved dyeing (by improving uniformity)
  • Protective properties that slow and limit dirtiness
Klebosol can also be used as an additive for spinning oils during softening treatment. Its addition will reinforce the yarn and make it rough enough for subsequent operations. 
Note:The insufficient cohesion of wool and cotton yarns of average quality can be compensated by the addition of Klebosol.  

Available products  

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Other applications  
For special applications of Klebosol or if you require a custom formulation, the Klebosol Research Department is happy to work with you to solve your problem. Contact us to learn more