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colloidal silica products designed for exceptionally consistent properties

Colloidal silica refractory

Klebosol—in combination with a cationic organic or inorganic additive—can be used as a binder added to refractory fibers in vacuum molding or coating through refractory dipping, insulating materials (plates, coverings, pipes or sprayable insulating materials), refractories, cements or thermal coatings (for the bases of ingot molds). Benefits of using Klebosol include: 
  • Improved resistance to thermal/mechanical shock and vibration
  • Minimum thermal expansion
  • Greater resilience
Available products  

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Other applications  
For special applications of Klebosol or if you require a custom formulation, the Klebosol Research Department is happy to work with you to solve your problem. Contact us to learn more