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colloidal silica products designed for exceptionally consistent properties

Colloidal silica investment casting

Klebosol can be used as a binder in precision casting (lost wax process) for both the 1stlayer and subsequent layers, depending on the additives used. Klebosol is mixable with any type of refractory (e.g., cristobalite, quartz, zirconium, mullite, chromite, etc.) to establish beneficial properties including:
  • Mixtures that are highly stable chemically
  • The ability to add wetting agents and antifoams without precaution
  • A resulting mold that is strong with minimal shrinkage
Compared with slips based on ethyl silicate, Klebosol’s advantages are: 
  • Higher stability and longer life time after hydrolysis
  • Easier fluidification with the addition of alcohol or silicate to stop the gelling process
  • Improved aging resistance of the slip without altering other properties
  • Environmental friendliness
Available products  

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Other applications  
For special applications of Klebosol or if you require a custom formulation, the Klebosol Research Department is happy to work with you to solve your problem. Contact us to learn more