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colloidal silica products designed for exceptionally consistent properties

Colloidal silica beverage

Klebosol can be used as a beer clarifier and stabiliser and offers numerous benefits including: 
  • High selectivity in removing proteins responsible for chill haze (cloudiness), which is caused by a protein-tannin complex
  • Efficient removal of protein and/or tannin so it cannot complex. This process is known as beer chill proofing or stabilisation
  • Easy handling (Klebosol is a stable liquid suspension)
  • No adverse effect on taste and foam
  • Successful experimentation conducted at Technische Universität München Weihenstephan
  • Accepted usage as a stabiliser in the production of beer (see below references)
Fruit Juices 
Klebosol can be used as a pre-clarification agent for fruit juices including apple, grape, apple-wine, berry, pear and lemon. Advantages of using Klebosol include: 
  • Applicability in all fining treatments commonly used by fruit juice producers
  • Rapid preclarification
  • Improved filtration efficiency as a result of effective precipitation of tannins and especially of pectins. Precipitation using Klebosol preserves the filtration aids and extends filter lifetimes
  • Enabling of fining at a temperature between 40 and 50°C after enzymation (whereas flocculation of gelatin and tannins is not possible at this temperature)
  • Enhanced stability and preservation of juice
  • Accepted usage in musts (grapes, apples, pears), partially fermented musts and concentrated musts (see below references)
  • Approved usage in all fruit juice-producing countries thanks to Klebosol’s high level of purity
Klebosol can be used as a high-performance clarifying agent for proteinic finings in wine including white, rosé, dessert wines and champagne. Benefits include: 
  • Applicability in all fining treatments commonly used by wine-growers
  • Time savings as a result of acceleration in the clarification process
  • Optimisation of the quantity of fining agent
  • Rapid and efficient elimination of ferric ferrocyanide in the case of blue finings
  • Lower wine losses and easier racking thanks to improved settling of lees
  • Better filtration efficiency of fined wines (i.e., easier, shorter and less expensive wine preparation before bottling—via reduced needs for bentonite and kieselguhr, as well as potential suppression of the prefiltration step)
  • No adverse effect on the taste of treated wines—Klebosol treatment avoids the hard or bitter resulting taste of wines treated with tannins
  • Allowed usage in still, sparkling, brisk or carbonated wines (see below references)
  • Approved usage in all wine-producing countries thanks to Klebosol’s high level of purity

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Other applications  
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