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AZ Electronic Materials was acquired by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, a leading company for innovative and top-quality high-tech products in the pharmaceutical, chemical and life science sectors. In the United States and Canada the subsidiaries of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany operate under the umbrella brand EMD.
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Durazane Polysilazanes Coating Resins

As the only manufacturer in the world offering the entire range of polysilazane resins at commercial scale, EMD Performance Materials is recognized as a specialty chemicals pioneer and known for our professionalism and innovation in chemical industry. We supply Durazane polysilazanes for architectural, industrial, OEM and special purpose coatings used in a wide spectrum of industries such as aerospace, automotive, metals, construction, electronics and composites and applied on wood, metal, plastic, glasses, ceramics and other surfaces. With manufacturing facilities and research and technology support centers located throughout the world, we provide responsive, local support to our customers, helping them to rapidly bring advanced coating solutions to the market by the utilization of polysilazane resins.

Polysilazanes (PSZ) are polymers in which silicon and nitrogen atoms alternate to form the basic backbone. Each silicon atom is bound to two separate nitrogen atoms and each nitrogen atom to two silicon atoms, both chains and rings of the formula [R1R2Si–NR3]n occur. R1-R3 can be hydrogen atoms or organic substituents. If all substituents R are H atoms, the polymer is designated as Perhydropolysilazane, Polyperhydridosilazane (PHPS) or Inorganic Polysilazane ([H2Si–NH]n). If hydrocarbon substituents are bound to the silicon atoms, the polymers are designated as Organopolysilazanes (OPSZ).

Further applications for Polysilazanes - Chemtreat Composites India Pvt. Ltd.

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