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effekte 2.13

“effekte“– Moving Effects

In our customer magazine “effekte” which is published twice a year, we introduce you to new products, trends, application examples and interesting facts from the effect pigments market. To give you an immediate impression of the exceptional quality and uniqueness of our pigments, the pages of this magazine shine with the radiance of various effect pigments.
Let yourself be inspired and learn about the exciting world of effects. 
Excerpt from the current edition effekte:
  • Trade Fair K – trading and making
    The K trade fair is a shining example in the history of trade shows. Over the past 60 years the show has managed to evolve from a small Düsseldorf exhibition for plastic consumer goods to the world's most important trade show for plastics and rubber. For EMD Performance Materials, the K provides the ideal platform to showcase to the plastics processing market inspirations for the versatile use of effect pigments and the inherent differentiation potential. This year’s trade show booth concept aims to display the numerous application possibilities of effect pigments. It is an invitation to experience the world of pigments from a different perspective.
  • Meoxal® - Sparkle like from a thousand suns
    With Meoxal® effect pigments, EMD Performance Materials translated experience, innovation and inspiration into a new form of pigments that combines an aluminum substrate with the advantages of pearl luster pigments. Based on the impressions of world-renowned and unique desert regions, the “Desert Colors” product line reflects their powerful colors and versatility. In order to support variety in applications, Meoxal® demonstrates an extremely high styling potential. Meoxal® gives much more saturation and brilliance to yellow, orange as well as red and brown tones.
  • Iriotec®7000: Printed pigment shield for electronic goods
    A wide spread problem in the electronic industry is, that products are already being damaged during the production as a result of electrostatic discharge (ESD), which means that micro sparks strike the component and can destroy it. Pigments that dissipate the current can avert this danger. The pigments of the Iriotec® 7000 series can be used with almost every printing process and in the paper coating and thus ensure optimal ESD protection.
  • New on the market
    1) From the cooperation of the two Austrian traditional companies Hofbauer and Schlumberger a chocolate innovation was developed: the “Hofbauer – Marc de Schlumberger truffle.” Also the packaging is refined by EMD Performance Materials’ exceptional effect pigments.
    2) Thanks to Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd. and its XXIO brand, today even golf balls embody elegance and luxury. Their look is achieved through the use of Xirallic® effect pigments. They lend the balls a subtle sparkle that gives a sporty, luxury look to the white soft-touch surface.
    3) With its wall panels Moelven conveys exactly the lifestyle we associate with Scandinavia – modernly designed and environmentally responsible wood products that give us a sense of well-being. EMD Performance Materials effect pigments lend the wood panels a fresh and contemporary look, and at the same time, allow the characteristic of the timber to be preserved.
    4) On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its aluminum processing plant, Essen Aluminio S.A. celebrated this event with a unique new development. With the utilization of Iriodin® 4504 Lava Red, a unique and bold shade of red was created, thus meeting the requirements of the development team. It has already been applied to over 1.8 million units, thus becoming a trademark for Essen Aluminio S.A.