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„Moving Effects“ from EMD Performance Materials on the European Coatings Show 2013
„effekte“ – Moving Effects

„effekte“ – Moving Effects

In our customer magazine “effekte” which is published twice a year, we introduce you to new products, trends, application examples and interesting facts from the effect pigments market. To give you an immediate impression of the exceptional quality and uniqueness of our pigments, the pages of this magazine shine with the radiance of various effect pigments.

Let yourself be inspired and learn about the exciting world of effects.
Excerpt from the current issue of effekte 1/2013:

  • What moves us. At the European Coatings Show, EMD Performance Materials sets the future in motion.
    Effects are always in motion. Depending on the light and the perspective of the observer, they sparkle, glitter, and shine; their colors travel and shift. In doing so, they also move us, touch us emotionally and draw our attention. At the European Coatings Show 2013 we show you innovative products and inspiring tools - in the “effekte” you can already get an overview today.
  • EMD Performance Materials puts new colors on the road. Pyrisma® M40-58 SW Ambercup Orange adds variety to the streets
    Silver gray, black, and dark blue: These are what used to count as mainstream car colors – until recently. Shades of red, orange, and brown have now become all the rage, and with the new Pyrisma® M40-58 SW Ambercup Orange you can expand your range of designs using this selection of colors with their exciting effects and thrilling style. 
  • Tivida® FL 2300-30: How you can shine with technology
    Ideally, painted surfaces are enthralling thanks to their splendor and uniformity. But it is not always easy to achieve such results. Our new patented additive Tivida® FL 2300-30 is the answer, that combines high environmental performance with outstanding product characteristics.
  • Gutenberg would have been amazed. How effect pigments revolutionize digital printing
    Once upon a time, my thought that certain things were impossible – watching videos on a mobile phone, for example, or reading a book on a computer. We now know better. Similar, long time ago it seemed impossible to digitally print pearlescent effects. Till now… 
  • Effects in the third dimension. 3D Evolution offers new printing finishing possibilities
    At the movies, the illusion of 3D is almost perfect – we are always trying to reach into the room to touch the characters. Even if we know that we won’t feel anything, the illusion holds us captive. The new 3D Evolution printing technology likewise plays with our senses.

Download current issue of effekte 1/2013 here! (currently unavailable)