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Coating resins designed for simple & durable protection

Inorganic polysilazanes resins

Inorganic polysilazanes resins for functional coatings with hydrophilic properties
Besides the organopolysilazanes resins, we also provide inorganic polysilazanes resins, i.e., perhydropolysilazane (PHPS).

We now provide different grades of inorganic polysilazane resins in coatings market, i.e., NN series, NL series, NP series and NAX series.

  • Inorganic polysilazanes resins can be applied on aluminum, steel, polymer films, polymers and existing coatings, and cures at ambient and/or high temperature. 
  • Inorganic polysilazane-based coatings protect various substrates against highly alkaline media or diluted acids. 
  • The coatings are very good corrosion inhibitors and from excellent gas barrier coatings on polymer films. Moreover, the inorganic polysilazane-based coatings can provide hydrophilic effect on surfaces, which is particularly suitable for automotive applications for the protection of existing auto coatings.