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Nano-sized semiconductor crystals absorb incoming light with a short wavelength
Blue LED light from the lightguide excite the nanocrystals embedded in the ABEF, generating polarized white light with wide color gamut (NTSC and beyond)

To Perfect Your Display Colors, Brightness and Power Consumption

Quantum Materials ...
Nano-sized semiconductor crystals absorb incoming light with a short wavelength - usually in the deep blue - and emit colors at a longer wavelength like green and red with very narrow bandwidths. The emission wavelength can be tuned by particle size.

… provide extended color gamut 
  • Extended color range, stronger and more natural greens and reds
  • Suitable for various forms of backlight units for LC displays, e.g. films
Quantum Rods …
Rod-shaped quantum materials (quantum rods) offer a similar color conversion mechanism and extended color gamut like spherical quantum dots. The unique advantage of quantum rods is the emission of polarized light.

… enhance the brightness
  • Higher light throughput through the polarizer in the LC display stack
  • Remarkable increase in brightness
… reduce the power consumption
  • Power consumption of the display is drastically reduced at unchanged brightness
  • Extends battery lifetime in mobile devices
Quantum Rods …
Rod-shape quantum materials offer additional physical properties, e.g. light emission is switchable by an electrical field.

… enable novel technologies
  • Opening up new display modes in the future
Quantum Materials – the perfect match to your vision.
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